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Jun 07 2017

VMM is unable to refresh Hyper-V hosts

Error (2916) VMM is unable to complete the request. The connection to the agent 'srvhv5.example.com' was lost. WinRM: URL: [http://srvhv5.example.com:5985], Verb: [ENUMERATE], Resource: [http://schemas.microsoft.com/wbem/wsman/1/wmi/root/standardcimv2/MSFT_NetAdapter], Filter: [] Unknown error (0x80338126)

I recently had to endure a painful issue with VMM and Hyper-V while working on a VMWare to Hyper-V migration project. First let me tell you about the architecture, 2 Hyper-V clusters made of Lenovo blade servers. Each cluster in its own enclosure. 1 VMM cluster with 2 nodes as VMs. One node on each …

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Feb 25 2017

Service Manager Complex Approvals Tutorial: Part 2 – Service Manager: Creating the Service Request

This is the second part of a 6-part post about creating a Service Request with complex approvals in Microsoft System Center Service Manager. The parts are as follows, Introduction. Service Manager: Creating the Service Request. (This Post!) Orchestrator: Check and update Service Request. Coming Soon! Orchestrator: Monitor Review Activity and Custom Approval. Coming Soon! Orchestrator: …

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Aug 03 2012

DPM does not recognize an Exchange Mailbox server as one!

Recovering single mailboxes to a non-production mailbox server So I was deploying a new Exchange 2010 mailbox server for testing purposes (later it will be used as a production mailbox server) The first test I wanted to do is to restore a single mailbox to a recovery mailbox database (RDB) on the new server, only …

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