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Nov 18 2014

Header name in Exchange Transport Rules

If you need to create a new Transport Rule that checks the message header, either through Exchange Admin Center or Exchange Management Shell, you need to provide what is stated as Header Name in the GUI. After some looking around, I found that the header is actually the header field name. So for example, if you …

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Nov 12 2014

Using PowerShell ISE on an Exchange Edge Transport Server

I’ve been looking for a way to use ISE on an Edge Transport server in order to write some scripts. Finally I found that it is easier than I imagined! You just need to run the cmdlet below, I tested it on Exchange 2013 (CU6). I don’t know why it states 2010 Snapin name


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Jul 23 2012

Remove all send-as permissions a user has in the exchange organization

Send-As allows a user to send emails as someone else. A feature that comes in handy under many circumstances, such as an assistant sending Christmas greetings instead of her boss. Adding Send-As permissions to a user is usually a straight forward task in Exchange. But finding all the Send-As permissions a user has on all …

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