Jan 11 2017

Updating SAP client logon configuration file

The SAP client supports several methods to detect the logon configuration file, this INI file contains information for the SAP client to connect to SAP servers. Normally the file is created in the users AppData folder during first start of the client. Or during setup you can configure a custom SAPLogon.ini file to be used …

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Nov 13 2015

Using Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan with clustered VMs

I recently needed to assign VLANs to a group of virtual machines on a Hyper-V cluster, tried to use the Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan  cmdlet directly only to find that it needs the current host of each VM to work, so here’s a small script to get it done. The script select only VMs where no VLAN is …

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Sep 22 2015

Delete phantom records of an old domain controller from DNS

Sometimes after demoting a DC the NS records in DNS are kept! These records may cause issues if not deleted. Here’s a PowerShell three liner to remove the obsolete records from all zones, you need to change the server names according to your environment.  


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Dec 21 2014

Compare contents of two folders using PowerShell Get-FileHash

I needed to check that two folders are identical using a hash algorithm. Luckily enough, PowerShell 4.0 came equipped with a new cmdlet, Get-FileHash. This easy command can produce a hash for any file using an array of different algorithms. One issue is when comparing with, Compare-Object, the difference in folder paths will be an …

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Nov 27 2014

Collect installed updates on many computers using PowerShell

I wanted to collect the currently installed updated on a group of servers using PowerShell. This can be more accurate that WSUS or SCCM reports since it depends on WIM to get the current data, not the last reported ones. The – very small – script gets the computer objects from active directory, then use …

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Nov 18 2014

Header name in Exchange Transport Rules

If you need to create a new Transport Rule that checks the message header, either through Exchange Admin Center or Exchange Management Shell, you need to provide what is stated as Header Name in the GUI. After some looking around, I found that the header is actually the header field name. So for example, if you …

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Nov 12 2014

Using PowerShell ISE on an Exchange Edge Transport Server

I’ve been looking for a way to use ISE on an Edge Transport server in order to write some scripts. Finally I found that it is easier than I imagined! You just need to run the cmdlet below, I tested it on Exchange 2013 (CU6). I don’t know why it states 2010 Snapin name


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Apr 21 2014

Many comments removed

This is a quick post to apologize to everyone who might have their comments deleted as spam. I’ve been away from the website for a while and came back to find 5500+ comments. I installed a new spam blocking plug-in and it removed most of them, I’m sure some false positives existed. I will do …

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Nov 12 2013

Automatically upload files to FTP server(s) using PowerShell

In the honor of taking a week off, I decided to share with you a script I’ve been asked to work on recently that automatically uploads a list of files to multiple FTP servers. Since I couldn’t find any native commands in PowerShell to work with FTP (Please leave comments if you know any), I …

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Oct 16 2013

Managing software updates and installation with SCCM 2012 on Windows Server 2012 Core

This is a quick post. I have been working with server core since its first iteration. Also I usually prefer to patch production servers using System Center Configuration Manager. Doing this on a core installation is not a very straightforward process though due to the absence of the GUI. Administrators who are control freaks, or …

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