Oct 09 2017

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Weekend Project: Running Race Statistics

In this Weekend Project, I worked on a script to help fitness trainer better assess their players during a running race. Typically to examine the progress of players, a fitness coach will ask them to run a certain number of laps hoping they do better.

It is hard however to measure each individual player’s running behavior when you need to follow up on say 20 runners. That’s where this script comes in handy.

By asking the trainer to only enter the player’s number at the end of each lap, the script will calculate their lap time, total time, and expected finish time. The results are then exported into an Excel sheet where results can be further analyzed to see the progress of each player.

Before running the script you need to prepare a CSV file players’ name and number and adjust the number of laps for this race.

Below image shows a sample of the output during a race where I’m doing each lap at the blazing fast pace of 1 seconds per lap.

Look mom, I just won!

The script is on GitHub here.

Happy running.

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