Oct 31 2017

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Little Helper: The Lab Automator

I grew up reading Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck comics and have always been fascinated by Gyro Gearloose’s Little Helper. And today I’m introducing to the world my very own version – well first version – of PowerShell’s Little Helper AKA The Lab Automator.

Just as Mr. Gearloose depended on Little’s assistance to make his experimental pan cake making / police man robot not run after Pluto. The Lab Automator will help you make labs faster and easier so you can experiment with more confidence!

At the current stage, the PowerShell script can create a Domain Controller and as many member server as you desire. All you need is the ISO file for Windows Server and latest update available and the script will generate a parent VHDX and all the needed components for a functioning lab.

In the future I’m planning to add more member types and features, Exchange, Skype4Business, Hyper-V, Windows 10 Clients, Dummy Users, etc…

Find the script and more details on its usage over at GitHub.

Please check it out and leave your thoughts here and on GitHub!

Happy Automation.


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