Oct 16 2013

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Managing software updates and installation with SCCM 2012 on Windows Server 2012 Core

This is a quick post.

I have been working with server core since its first iteration. Also I usually prefer to patch production servers using System Center Configuration Manager. Doing this on a core installation is not a very straightforward process though due to the absence of the GUI.

Administrators who are control freaks, or just deployed a new server and want to install all the patches on demand would normally want to open the control panel of SCCM and the Software Center to get things done.

So here’s how to access them from a core installation (I’ve personally tested this with Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 only)

To open the SCCM client control panel run the following command from the command prompt:


To Open the Software Center run the following command from the command prompt:


Easier done than said ha 😉

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Walid AlMoselhy

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  1. AK

    Here it is…

    C:\windows\CCM\SCClient.exe StartPage=InstallationStatus FilterType=0


    1. Walid AlMoselhy

      That’s one handy command!
      How did you know about it?

  2. Kaz


    I want to show Installation status page up instead of Available Status on Software Center as default. Do you know any option switch or other ways ?

    1. Walid AlMoselhy

      not that I’m aware off, sorry Kaz

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