Nov 07 2012

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Activating DPM 2012 after evaluation expired

I’ve been a big (BIG) fan of System Center Data Protection Manager since 2007. I consider it the best of the best enterprise level backup and I’m always recommending it to everyone cause its really simple to use and very capable.

It even comes with a 180-day evaluation period. But… and there’s always a but, if you were too messy and forgot to activate before the evaluation ends you are in big trouble, since you can’t activate DPM if SQL is not running. And SQL will not run if the evaluation period expires!

So to get around this issue, you should first uninstall the expired SQL instance completely, then install a new [evaluation] one with the same name, attach DPM database to it. And start the installation process of DPM 2012 to enter the key.

The installation will create a new SQL instance that is activated and you are god to go.

Find the detailed instructions below

  • Stop all SQL services from “SQL Server Configuration Manager”
  • Create a copy of the following folders, (you won’t probably need them, but just in case anything goes wrong)
    • “C:Program FilesMicrosoft DPMDPMDPMDB”
    • “C:Program FilesMicrosoft DPMSQLMSRS10_50.MSDPM2012EVAL”
    • “C:Program FilesMicrosoft DPMSQLMSSQL10_50.MSDPM2012EVAL”
  • Uninstall the SQL instance “MSDPM2012EVAL” and all shared features
    • Go to Programs and Features >> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
    • Restart the server
    • Delete all the files in the folder: “C:Program FilesMicrosoft DPMSQL”
  • Reinstall SQL 2012 from the DPM installation media “D:SCDPMSQLSVR2008R2setup.exe ” as Evaluation
    • Use a named instance the same as the old one, “MSDPM2012EVAL”
    • Select the following options
      • Database Engine Services
      • Reporting Services
      • Management Tools – Basic
      • Management Tools- Complete
      • SQL Client Connectivity SDK

        Selecting SQL features

  • Change location to: “C:Program FilesMicrosoft DPMSQL”
  • Set all accounts to SYSTEM and automatic start
  • Security doesn’t matter since this is a temporary instance that will be removed later, so just make everyone administrator on it.
  • Start “Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio” as administrator
  • log in to the server instance using <Computer Name> MSDPM2012EVAL
  • right click Databases and choose attach
  • click Add, and browse to “C:Program FilesMicrosoft DPMDPMDPMDB”
  • Attach all MDF files (never mind any errors)
  • Click OK
  • Start the DPM 2012 setup
  • Follow the wizard and input the key when requested
  • Cross your fingers hoping that nothing goes wrong
    • If you get an error regarding Report server temporary database files stop all services and delete both files named “ReportServer$MSDPM2012EVALTempDB” and log
  • Setup will install a new Instance of SQL server which is NOT an evaluation
  • After the process is complete you should be able to open DPM console and check that it’s no longer an evaluation edition

    DPM Setup complete!

  • Restart the server
  • Uninstall the MSDPM2012EVAL SQL instance from the computer.

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Walid AlMoselhy

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  1. Chechoyekpecyek

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